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Home Management & Maintenance 

Taking care of your home or assisting a loved one with theirs can be difficult and stressful, especially from afar. Dependablez offers home management services you can trust. With 24/7 on-call assistance, and a network of dependable contractors, we will help you by checking in on loved ones, monitoring property, arranging and overseeing maintenance, maintaining hygiene and providing peace of mind knowing that we can be there when you can't.


Safety and sanitization are starting to become the highest priority. The need to live and work in a clean and safe environment has never been more significant. Our daily sweeping and vacuum cleaning can only help so much. It can’t provide the effective sanitization that one requires in the time of a pandemic. Our Home Sanitization services - the perfect solution for sanitization. It kills harmful germs using quality equipment and materials, while following stringent safety protocols

Get your home / space sanitised 

Dependablez provides an intensive cleaning process using modern equipment & best-in-class chemicals for each kind of surface which not only cleans it, but restores the shine and life of your home. Deep Cleaning is  extremely important for each and every home and should be opted on regular intervals.  Create your customized package with our yearly / monthly / quarterly  AMC.

Get your Home Deep Cleaned

  • Hall & Living Area Deep Cleaning

  • Bedroom Deep Cleaning

  • Kitchen Deep Cleaning

  • Bathroom Deep Cleaning

  • Bathroom Fittings shining

  • Balcony Deep Cleaning

  • Wet Cleaning of Sofa & Carpets

  • Dusting & Cobweb removal

  • Cleaning all doors, windows, fans.

  • Exhaust, sink and gas stoves cleaning


We all want our parents to be safe and part of that is being prepared, being proactive and keeping an eye on how they are doing.

With aging comes a variety of issues that can affect their safety.

Older adults can be affected by decreased vision, hearing, smell, cognition and mobility.

That's why elderly safety is so important. These changes happen gradually so seniors may not realize that they have significant issues that can affect their safety.

  • CCTV Cameras

  • Home Alarm

  • Security Guard


Regular Home Maintenance and finding plumbers , carpenters or electricians when required becomes a stressful affair during the course of our Elderly's Independent living.  Choose from our wide range of  affordable Home Maintenance Services and leave the rest to the experienced professionals.

  • General Home Maintenance

  • Home Painting

  • Painting inside and outside

  • False Ceiling

  • Shelving and Storage

  • Plumbing

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • AC Installation

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