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Our Care Packages

All the Assistance you need to remain living independently and safely at home. 

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There are few things in life more sacred to us than our homes. They are the first place we want to return to, and the last place we want to leave. Extending the time we live in them is a priority for most Senior Citizens, and  our Care packages are the best way to achieve this.

Dependablez’s Home Care package strikes the perfect balance between choice and support so you can live your life the way you want to. Our aim is to empower senior citizens to feel safe, secure and comfortable in their own homes with a level of service tailored to them.
To this end, our Care packages are consumer-directed; our flexible options are designed to cater to your needs and desires, whether that’s temporary assistance or a long-term solution.

Annual Registration:1000/- per person


Monthly Subscription (single/couple) :2500/4000


Annual Subscription : (single/couple): 25000/41000

*discounted management fees of 12% on 3rd party vendor Services.

90 Degrees

90 Degrees is curated for the elderly who do not require regular monitoring but a support/assistance in case of any emergencies.

Annual Registration:2000/- per person


Monthly Subscription (single/couple) :3000/5000


Annual Subscription : (single/couple): 31000/51000

*discounted management fees of 10% on 3rd party vendor Services.

180 Degrees

180 Degrees is curated for the elderly who do not require regular assistance but a support system for health monitoring and emergencies.

Annual Registration:3000/- per person


Monthly Subscription (single/couple) :4500/8000


Annual Subscription : (single/couple): 41000/71000

*discounted management fees of 8% on 3rd party vendor Services.

270 Degrees

270 Degrees is curated for

medical and non medical support for the elderly who prefer a stress free life for independent living with occasional assistance

Annual Registration:4000/- per person


Monthly Subscription (single/couple): 6500/12000


Annual Subscription : (single/couple): 67000/1,22000

*discounted management fees of 5% on 3rd party vendor Services applicable.

360 Degrees

360 Degrees is curated to provide a complete care support for the seniors with regular health monitoring and non medical assistance needed in one's daily living.

Terms & Conditions

  • Doctor home visits are pre - scheduled

  • Vital Monitoring includes bp, pulse, cbg, heart rate, sp02, respiration, temperature

  • The charges of the Services to be calculated at actuals (as given)

  • Transport (if required ) to be calculated at actuals

  • Discounted management fees (as mentioned in package) to be applicable for all 3rd party vendors

  • we do not have any refund policy

  • Patient care attendant and Nursing Services are subject to availability

  • Dependablez® reserves the right to discontinue any subscription with a prior notice of 15 days whereof advance if any will be refunded.

For detailed Terms & Conditions please 

Not ready For a commitment Yet? Register with 45 Degrees.
Annual Subscription 6500/- per person only

45 Degrees is curated for the Seniors who do not need constant care but assistance for ad hoc services as and when the requirement arises .

Our Subscribers are our priority.

  • 24x7 Virtual Care Manager 

  • Maintenance of health record and regular communication/updates on your whatsapp group

  • Any Add-on Services at actuals 

  • Management fees of 15% on 3rd party vendor services.

Add on Services

  • Doctor home visits starting 2000/- per person

  • Doctor tele consultation starting 700/- per person

  • Online Counselling Session 750/- per person

  • Psychiatrist tele Consultation 1000/-

  • Physiotherapy starting 550/- + per session

  • Nursing Services starting 900/- per shift

  • Medical Equipment rentals

  • Blood tests : at actuals + 200/- collection charge

  • Catheter/ Dressing Charges starting from 700/-

  • IV administration charges starting from 1000/- per hr.

  • Vital monitoring 750/-

  • Doctor clinic escort : 1000/- for up to 3 hrs.

  • ECG at home starting 1000/-

Add on Services 

  • Nursing Starting from 1600/- per day(24hrs)

  • Attendant starting from 15000/- per month(24hrs)

  • Extra Care Manager Visits : 600/- (up to 2 hrs)

  • Grocery delivery : actuals + management fees-

  • Escorted outstation trips 3500/- per day

  • Escorted trips : 1000/- for up to 3 hrs

  • Dietician Consultation 1500/-

  • Home Deep Cleaning + Sanitisation : 3.50/- per sq. ft

  • Legal Consultation: 3000/- +

  • Banking services : 300/-

  • Utility bill submission : 200/-

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