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When an elderly family member lives alone, it can be difficult for them to keep a tidy home. Nevertheless, seniors need to maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness to live a healthy life during their later years. Senior home cleaning services help with the chores that can grow increasingly impossible as your loved one grows older. Cleaning chores that were once merely bothersome such as mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, dusting, and vacuuming can become physically exhausting or even dangerous, as it can lead to accidents or falls..


As we grow older, changes in lifestyle become inevitable. With each passing year, it becomes more and more difficult for seniors to maintain muscle mass, healthy joints, and physical coordination. There comes a point where every senior begins relying on others for certain tasks and activities.

Cleaning can be a struggle for seniors with moderate or advanced physical difficulties. Usually, problems start with specific cleaning activities. Tasks that require uncomfortable position, heavy lifting, or significant stress to joints will be difficult for most seniors. These include tasks like dusting high areas, cleaning the toilet, or carrying a bucket of water. Elderly adults often start skipping these tasks, leading to an unhygienic home.

Seniors who continue to perform these tasks can put themselves in an even worse position. While housework can be great exercise for older adults, seniors put themselves at much higher risk of injury if they over-exert themselves. This could mean throwing out their back, developing a hernia, or breaking a bone in a fall — an injury that can have serious consequences for seniors.


Hiring a home cleaning service for your parents can make a big difference. House cleaning services will ensure that your mom or dad won’t be stuck doing cleaning work they shouldn’t be. It will allow them to live more comfortably, and it could even save them from a trip to the emergency room.

House cleaning services for elderly adults also make it possible for seniors to live healthier. A cleaner home is a more hygienic and healthy home, reducing the chance of bacterial and viral infections.

Seniors with respiratory issues can also benefit from house cleaning services who use non-toxic cleaning products and take other steps to maintain air quality. Our cleaning services, for instance, include zero harsh fumes or irritants. We also use filter vacuums to keep dust and other particulate matter out of the air. This can be helpful for seniors with COPD and respiratory illnesses.

How to find good housekeeping services

You want to make sure you hire a reputable company or person to go into a senior’s home. Talking to friends who either use a service or whose family members use a service is one great way to find someone you can trust. Also, check any online reviews, which are also telling.


Companies will charge various fees for housekeeping services. Sit down with a reputable company and they will fashion a package for your or your loved one’s needs, whether it be occasional light cleaning or coming a few times a week. Costs will vary depending upon what the needs are.

Give Dependablez Cleaning a call today to set up a meeting with us to see how we can help you or your loved ones remain independent for as long as possible

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