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Senior Friendly Homes

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Many older adults have spent decades raising families in their homes and want to remain in the home where they’ve created so many cherished memories as long as they can. Eventhough we understand the desire of our parents and grandparents to continue living independently in their own homes, it leaves us stressed and worried. If you are wondering how you can make your elderly parent's home easier to live in - there are some things to look for to make living as a Senior Adult or a person with a disability easier.

As one ages simple daily activities like reaching shelves, getting up from chair, climbing stairs with ease become a task. Also safety and home security becomes key concerns. By implementing home modifications that support aging in place, today’s seniors can maintain their independence, and in the long run, may save a substantial amount of money on senior living. In a perfect world, a senior lives in a single story home with a no-rise entry or in a mansion with a functioning elevator. But most of us do not live in that perfect world.

Here are a few basic tips to make a house as safe and convenient for a senior as possible.


Pay attention to aging needs and difficulties

If an aging parent or grandparent leaves alone at home, other family members might not be aware of the struggles they go through in their daily lives. On the next visit, pay some attention on how they get around the house, speak to their doctor(s) and gather insights on their abilities and areas of difficulties. If you are concerned its probably time to bring in some modifications around the house. You can speak to a Professional who speacializes in home modification for seniors.

"We believe a good first step is to make a proper assesment. For example Dependablez 360 Degrees Comprehensive Home Safety Assesment starts with going through the house, room by room which includes the exterior of the house, all entry areas, every room including bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry room, garage, basement, kitchen and dining room, lighting evaluation, fire safety and electrical safety. After that, a complete summary is provided with necessary recommendations for fall prevention, ease of comfort and home safety. "


Entry Ways

The pathway into many homes has cracked sidewalks and uneven surfaces. This creates danger zones. Repave and reconstruct level, smooth surfaces for easier mobility.

Add non-slip flooring in the entryway inside the home.

Outside the home, add non-slip strips or scuff the surface to create improved footing.

Repair uneven or cracked areas on the walkway toward the home.

If you can, create a no-rise entry with ramps.

If you must have stairs, install rails on both sides of the stairs. These should be at least one-and-a-half inch in diameter to accommodate aging grips.

Multitasking is a recipe for disaster. Create an area for your bundles and packages both inside and outside your home. Use the surface when coming and going to keep your hands free while locking or unlocking main door.



Stairs are one of the most common reasons why people get injured, and we prefer to avoid it as much as possible.

Hand railings is a must on both sides of the stairways if possible.

Lighting is also critical, so we make sure the entire stairway is well lit from top to bottom.

Increase stair visibility by using contrast strips on top and bottom stairs. Colour contrast between the treads and risers on stairs.

A Stairlift is a great addition to your home and will eliminate the risk of accidents as much as possible.



The main criteria, when thinking of a flooring for home with seniors.

Does it have to be washed often? Is it slippery? Can a wheelchair go on it easily? Is it easy to care for and maintenance?

Slippery surfaces are not the only danger underfoot, although they're the most obvious. All floors should be made slip-resistant, such as by adding nonskid mats under area rugs (or getting rid of the area rugs completely).

Rubber floors are both very soft and naturally slip resistant, along with being fire resistant as well. When treated with water soluble wax, the rubber flooring becomes water and stain resistant, making it extremely easy to maintain.



Safe accessible bathrooms don't just happen. You will need to tackle the washroom to keep your loved one independent and protected at home.

Dry bathrooms reduce the possibility of slipping. Ensure that the areas near the WC and wash basins are dry and that the wet area is confined to the shower area.

Also, place rubber mats inside and outside the shower to avoid slipping and falling.

A showerhead with adjustable height, is better for seniors.

Provide good, even distribution of ambient lighting across the floor space, without creating glare

Install roll-in showers with multiple shower heads which are fixed, height adjustable and hand held.

Make sure that the curtain is not held up by a tension rod, since grabbing it for support may result in a fall and install grab bars.



If your aging parents or grandparents love to cook, they'll probably be using the kitchen a lot.

Our goal is to increase accessibility and prevent bending and crouching.

Switch to kitchen appliances with easy-to-read controls and simple-to-use push button interfaces.

Microwave drawers are a great addition to the aging in place home. They allow for easier access and make countertops more accesible.

Next, ensure there is easy access to the items in the pantry.

Change to an open shelving design for easier access to frequently used items.

Convert to glass cabinet doors so your loved one can identify items without effort.


Older adults choosing to Age In Place are seeking comfort, security and independence that only their home can provide. You can help ensure your loved one lives a safe, purposeful, happy life at home.

We have included a few of the basic modification requirements for a Senior Friendly Home.

But one might find it a daunting task from the assesment of the entire home to bringing about those changes which might involve minor to moderate fixings around the house.

If you are still confused on how to evolve your home for an older adult based on your budget, we can help you decide the best possible options.

Allow us to get acquainted at your home through our IN HOME CONSULTATION of 45mins, so we can learn about your lifestyle and challenges and talk about your hopes and fears, safety needs, concerns and goals. This will follow a detailed ASSESMENT REPORT where we will point out how simple to moderate precautions/modifications can reduce the risk of injury and protect your loved ones.

Check our website for more info on our

Dependablez 360 Degrees Comprehensive Home Safety Assesment

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